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see how it works3

see how it works3

see how it works3

Activate  MagiCure

MagiCure contains a software-based product activation technology, which means that you must activate your MagiCure installation in order to authenticate its license.

There are two options to activate MagiCure;

  • online, over Internet connection
  • offline, without Internet connection


If the computer is connected to the Internet, you can easily activate your installation of MagiCure over the Internet connection.

1. Upon the purchase of MagiCure, you will receive an authorized Product ID from AvantEDGE. You can install MagiCure with the authorized Product ID and then activate it.

Alternatively - if you already have a demo version of MagiCure installed, you can upgrade your demo setup to full-working license using the authorized Product ID.

2. To activate MagiCure over the internet connection, right click MagiCure’s system tray icon and select ABOUT from the popup menu. Click on the ACTIVATE button and select ‘Activate MagiCure over Internet connection’, then click NEXT.

3a. If you have installed MagiCure with an authorized Product ID that you received from AvantEDGE, simply click on the ACTIVATE button.

3b. If you already have demo installation of MagiCure, you need to copy and paste the authorized Product ID that you received from AvantEDGE into the product ID field - replacing the demo product ID, and then click on the ACTIVATE button.


You just fired-up fully-licensed MagiCure software - ready to run and faithfully protect your PC from any unwanted surprises. Whenever your PC gets into trouble, MagiCure empowers you to ‘rewind’ your system’s state back in time - to previous healthy state, practically UNDOING any damage to your system or files.

Note: You can only activate as many licenses as you authorized Product ID allows.


If your computer has MagiCure installed, but does not have Internet connection, you need to manually activate MagiCure with an activation code.

1. To manually activate MagiCure, right click MagiCure’s system tray icon and select ABOUT from the popup menu. In open ABOUT window click the ACTIVATE button, and select ‘Activate MagiCure without Internet connection’. Click NEXT.

2. In the PRODUCT ACTIVATION Window, you will see a Product ID and Activation ID. Write both of them down, and then supply them via fax or phone to AvantEDGE’s tech support.

3. AvantEDGE tech support will reply to you with an Activation Code - based on the Product ID and Activation ID you provided.

4. Now copy and paste the Activation Code into the Activation Code field and then click ACTIVATE button.





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