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see how it works3

see how it works3

see how it works3
Product Overview
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MagiCure Professional 


Use your PC freely knowing you can undo any harmful actions in just seconds.

A Trouble-Free Computing experience                                                                            

What is MagiCure?

MagiCure is a cutting edge software solution designed to help PC users restore and recover their own PCs from any kind of failure instantly. Once installed, MagiCure innovative solution allows users and IT professionals to easily and quickly go back in time before certain events occurred. Using this magic software prevents disruptive downtime eliminate troubleshooting, and hours of restoring.


How does it work?

After installing MagiCure, the software automatically creates incredibly efficient daily restore points (snapshots) of the entire computer system. Users can also take manual snapshot whenever they want or schedule snapshots to be taken in regular intervals. If the PC ever encounters any troubles, MagiCure will rollback the system back in time to a previous healthy state in a matter of seconds; all the personal important files will remain safe.


Who need MagiCure?

Imagine you can fix your own computer and recover from any crash or error in just few key strokes. MagiCure is so easy to use that even the least technically proficient user can restore and recover his own PC in seconds. Home users, administrators and IT professionals, can magically restore their PC and will no longer need a technician to assist them to reconfigure the system, reinstall the operating system, application, or device drivers.


Why use it?

Whereas the classical method of troubleshooting PC problems is a complex, delicate, time-consuming, and expensive procedure- MagiCure’s exclusive Rollback and Repair process is a simple, instant, clean, and fully effective way to undo any PC problems. Why bother fixing common PC problems? Simply go back in time to undo all PC errors. MagiCure solution significantly reduces PC troubleshooting, repairing and restoring time to seconds! It can restore any PC with just a few mouse clicks, enabling users to achieve tremendous savings of time and money on maintaining their computers.


The Magic of MagiCure

Imagine getting back to work in a matter of seconds, even if the PC has suffered a momentous crash and fail to start up! With MagiCure, you can just roll back your PC to a past date – and all PC problems are history! System crashes, registry problems, virus attacks, Trojans, worms, lost files, incorrect settings and definitions... you name it, MagiCure can undo them all!


Using Snapshot Technology

Ever wish you could go back in time to fix your PC? Now you can. MagiCure employs lightning-fast Snapshot technology to create periodic restore points. Using this unique snapshot technology, you can turn your PC into a ‘time traveling machine', enabling smooth, failure free operation and easy maintenance. Unlike the images created by backup software, which are slow and bulky, MagiCure provides a user-friendly instant recovery solution that can get the entire systems up and running in few key strokes. MagiCure makes it possible to travel into the past’ and back. Each snapshot takes virtually no space; allowing users to save almost unlimited number of snapshots. In essence, MagiCure creates a “virtual shield” around the entire PC. It does not use back-up technology; therefore, it does not require any additional hard drive or server storage space. It can undo any problem with just a reboot.



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