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see how it works3

see how it works3

see how it works3

Pre-sale information (Downloads and Documentation)

MagiCure is a PC time machine. It allows PC to go back or go forward in time to undo current problems.

MagiCure professional V.9.1 (Fully supports Win 7)

MagiCure will undo all related PC software problems MagiCure cannot fix
hardware problems on your computer.

A snapshot is a map of the hard drive sectors and indexing system.
Practically speaking, a snapshot is a "picture" of the entire PC at a given time.

MagiCure allows you to take snapshots of your PC. 
You can recover files from snapshots or restore system to snapshots

MagiCure is available to download from MagiCure website, at:

MagiCure is available in English and French. Please visit our download center


No, MagiCure is not a server product. It's not designed to support RAID drives.

Please search for product limitation document under library.


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Installation and Setup

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7

MagiCure contains software-based product activation technology, which means you need to activate your copy in order to use it permanently. 
You can activate MagiCure over internet connection, or manually without internet connection.

For more details please go to: MagiCure Activation.

You can reinstall your MagiCure on the same PC (HD) only.
Each PC needs a unique Product ID (license key).
If you would like to transfer MagiCure to other pc, please contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by email and send us the product ID (License key) you would like to transfer. 


MagiCure supports SSD but it does NOT support SSD with the trim option (an option of the SSD).  If the SSD drives has the TRIM option enabled, MagiCure cannot process the disk IOs properly.

Yes, you need to select Custom Setup and install MagiCure in each OS. MagiCure supports only Windows dual boot

Yes, check details in MagiCure Deployment Whitepaper at our web site-content library.

Yes you can. There is no conflict between MagiCure and VMware

There are 3 setup options: 

Default Setup
Recommended for most users 
Default setup installs the program with common program settings. 
Default setup copies MagiCure program files to the C:\program files\shield directory. 
Default setup disables MagiCure program access control. 
Default setup disables Windows systems restore. 
MagiCure default setup protects all partitions. 

Custom Setup 
Recommended for users who want to customize program settings during setup 
Custom setup allows you to select which partitions to protect. 
Custom setup allows you to enable access control and set Administrator account's password. 
Custom setup allows you to select where to copy the program files to. 
Custom setup allows you to setup MagiCure on dual-boot computers. 

Advanced Setup 
Advanced setup allows you to setup MagiCure on multiple computers with same settings. 
Advanced setup reads in the program settings from a configuration file. 

Advanced setup allows you to customize most if not all MagiCure program settings

MagiCure protects Windows OS "inside out"; therefore, it needs to be installed inside and outside of Windows OS.

1. You start MagiCure setup by running setup.exe in Windows; this installs MagiCure "inside" of Windows.
At end of the Windows setup, you will be prompted to restart the PC.

2. During the restart, MagiCure subsystem setup installs MagiCure "outside" of Windows. 

MagiCure subsystem enables you to restore snapshots when Windows is not accessible.

Updates and Upgrades

Since MagiCure is a subsystem software; you should uninstall the old version and then install the new version.

Customers under annual maintenance enjoy many advantages, such as: Free patches, free updates and major discount with new versions, quick response time when submitting tickets.

Technical Questions

Yes, you can rollback or roll forward among snapshots


Disk space: very little. MagiCure setup takes free bbw porn 0.06% of hard disk space to create the baseline snapshot. Each additional snapshot takes no additional disk space other than the actual data added (changed) since last snapshot. MagiCure is not duplicating the data on PC but only keep a table with pointers to the data. 
Memory: less than 10MB for all processes, executables when they are running.
CPU usage: Constantly 0%. But it might spike up for a couple of seconds when you are defragging the snapshots.

No, we recommend you to uninstall MagiCure before defrag the drives. In addition, MagiCure has a 
build-in snapshot defragmenter. We recommend you to use snapshot defragmenter to defrag the 
MagiCure protected drives. It is more efficient and quicker.

Yes, you can hide both the application console and the subsystem console from end-users by going to program setting.

Please submit a ticket for assistance with password related issues.

System Restore can only restore the Windows's system files and registry, Whereas MagiCure provides a complete recovery solution. MagiCure allows users to recover their own computers and restore not only system, but also data, drivers, settings, and definitions quickly, easily, and fully, via one key stroke in 2-3 seconds. 
Practically speaking, MagiCure restore the entire hard drive which includes the windows operation system, third party applications and all personal data. 
It is important to remember that Windows restore will not work if Windows OS fails. On the other hand, MagiCure works even if Windows OS fails to start up as users can use a subsystem menu which loads before windows.

MagiCure setup needs to write to the computer's Master Boot Record (MBR) during setup. Some anti-virus software might have been set to scan for changes to MBR, it will prompt users to select YES or NO to the MBR change. Select YES to allow MagiCure setup to write to MBR.

MagiCure will "clear the buffers" before taking a snapshot. As you know, a Windows "Write" does not immediately commit to disk.

Yes, you can create a "snapshot @ restart" and schedule to take snapshots during reboots.

MagiCure allows virtually unlimited snapshots

MagiCure is not a drive imaging product even though it contains a drive imaging feature – Drive Image which is just a bonus feature. The heart of MagiCure is the PC rollback which protects your system and data without creating system images.

No. MagiCure can only help you if it is downloaded to your system. It cannot recover your system if you install it after corruption occurred.

No, MagiCure is not designed to be a replacement for backup software. However, MagiCure allows you to travel back and forth in time to explore snapshot and restore data; features that backup software cannot offer. Backup your data in multiple places is still a MUST.

No, you need to uninstall MagiCure before using Partition Magic to modify disk partitions.

Yes, you can add new hard drive to PCs with MagiCure installed. No problem to re-activate MagiCure

No, the snapshot you choose to uninstall MagiCure to be the final state of the PC. We cannot go back to any other points because there is no MagiCure on the PC.
It is IMPORTANT to make sure the snapshot you choose to uninstall MagiCure to include the system and data you want.

No, MagiCure is a software product. It cannot fix problems caused by hardware failure


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