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Press to download the RMC 

Press to download the RMC
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MagiCure™ Remote Management Console

Fix PC Problems Remotely Via a Network, Without Leaving Your Seat!

MagiCure™ Remote Management Console (RMC) allows IT administrators to remotely fix problems in computers that are part of local or wide area networks.

MagiCure™ RMC allows you to remotely undo unwanted software changes in an unlimited number of computers that may be located in the same building or anywhere else in the world!

The graphical user interface (GUI) allows IT administrators to monitor all the MagiCure™ RMC clients and to manage them remotely with ease.


How does MagiCure™ Remote Management Console work?

MagiCure™ RMC is based on a client / server architecture and is very easy to install and use. The client component of the software is installed on each of the client workstations, and the server component is installed on the IT administrator’s desktop or on a network server.

The client workstations can be configured to connect to the MagiCure™ RMC by computer name or IP address. All you need to do to view all the connected clients is to open the MagiCure™ Remote Management Console.

You can use this powerful software solution to remotely manage almost all the functions of any number of MagiCure™ RMC clients, which may be located anywhere.

You can use MagiCure™ Remote Management Console to:

1.         Group client workstations into logical groups

2.         Restore client workstations by group

3.         Take snapshots of client workstations by group

4.         Configure settings in client workstations

5.         Create server-based scheduled tasks

6.         Wake up client workstations

7.         Restart client workstations

8.         Shutdown client workstations

9.         Browse client workstation snapshots

10.       Delete client workstation snapshots


Why MagiCure™ RMC is preferred by users all over the world

MagiCure™ Remote Management Console is based on proven state-of-the-art technology that provides unmatched security and reliability. This powerful software is easy to install, use, and maintain. It has an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

MagiCure™ RMC is specially designed to enable blackpussy you to manage any number of computers that may be located anywhere. Request a free trial of MagiCure™ RMC. There are no charges or obligations involved at all.



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