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see how it works3

see how it works3

see how it works3
Become Web Affiliate
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MagiCure Affiliate Programtree

Join our affiliate program to make really
good money from your web site or blog.

Earn 60% on every sale!

Enjoy these benefits

Start making money right away, it's easy!
Earn 60% commission for every sale through your affiliate link.
It's easy. We offer you the commissions which are among the highest on today's affiliate market.

100% guaranteed payouts!
We created a reliable cookie tracking system.
We work with the leading affiliate system on the web -

How it works

If you're an existing Plimus affiliate, please enter here:

If you wish to join our Plimus affiliate program, please do the following:

1. Create an affiliate account with

After you complete the sign up form, you will receive your affiliate ID .

2. As soon as you have been approved, we will send you the following links:

  • "Download Free Trial"
  • "Buy Now"
  • "Product Information"

3. Copy and past the links below the desired images/banners on your website.

you can also use our sample ads, found on our website.   

You can start making money right away

Affiliate F.A.Q

How to Start
Place a direct "Buy now" and/or "Free download trial" links from your site or forward customers to our site using special links.
When your customer returns to our site to purchase, the cookie tracking system will redirect him to the checkout page of your affiliate system with your affiliate ID.

Is there any additional commission charged for affiliates sales?
No, there is no additional fees to you free porn pics nor the manufacturer of the product you sell.

How do I get the credit for a sale?
When a customer uses one of the affiliate links (to the order page, download or product URL), we install a cookie on
their machine that is active for a year.
When the customer purchase the product, Plimus take the affiliate id from that cookie and credit your account.

Can I make the order page look like my website?
Yes, you can create a HTML template at the Control Panel.

If you have questions write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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